Guarantee for the repair

Guarantee for the repair done

Our Promise of Repair A three-month labour warranty and a six-month guarantee on spare parts if supplied and installed by Kagersoft LTD are offered for any repairs carried out by the company.
This means that we promise to replace or repair any defective items we may have supplied or to correct any errors in work we may have made during those times.
Your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if applicable, and any legislation that replace it are unaffected by this. If you'd like impartial guidance regarding your rights, you can get in touch with Trading Standards or Citizens Advice.
Although we try our best to satisfy our customers, please be aware that even when we diagnose a problem, we cannot promise that new problems won't show up soon or even the same day. The same symptoms that existed before our repair or service could also result from the failure of other parts.
Our Repair Guarantee does not apply to certain fixes. These are the following:
A refrigerant recharge-related repair, like a compressor replacement or re-gas, performed on a refrigeration unit.
A repair in which an obstruction that was affecting water drainage was cleared out of the appliance or external pipes
A repair that we completed using parts supplied by your
Reasonable wear and tear, incorrect usage, carelessness, accident, or any other inadequacy on your part in operating and maintaining the device
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