Guarantee for the repair

Guarantee for the repair done

Our Repair Guarantee All repairs completed by Kagersoft LTD come with a 3 month (90 day) labour guarantee and a 6 month guarantee on spare parts if they have been provided and fitted by Kagersoft LTD. That means during those periods we guarantee to repair or replace any faulty parts we have supplied, or fix any faulty work that we have done. This doesn’t affect your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if applicable, and any laws that replace it.
you want independent advice about your rights, you can speak to Citizens Advice or Trading Standards.
note, whilst we make every effort to give our customers satisfaction, after we diagnose a fault we cannot guarantee that other faults may not develop in the near future or even on the same day. The breakdown of other parts may give rise to symptoms identical to those which were present prior to our repair/service. If the engineer attends and finds that the re-visit relates to a new fault that has developed or a separate fault that is not related, you may be required to pay a callout charge of £40. If the engineer attends and finds that the appliance is working to specification, you may also be required to pay a callout charge of £40. There are some repairs that are excluded from our Repair Guarantee. These are: a repair carried out where a blockage has been removed from the appliance itself or external pipework that affects water drainage; a repair to a refrigeration unit where a refrigerant recharge has taken place, such as a re-gas or a compressor replacement. Please see ‘Refrigeration Re-Gassing’ for further details; and a repair carried out where we have used spare parts supplied by you (i.e. where we haven’t sourced the required spare parts from our suppliers) . The following parts are also excluded from our Repair Guarantee: door parts, including handles, catches, locks, glass and fixtures; door seals / seals of any kind; drive belts / pulleys; cosmetic parts including knobs, facias, trims and decor surrounds; drum lifters / paddles; lamps / bulbs / LEDs; internal furniture including shelves, door shelves and baskets; motor brushes / armatures / stators; refrigeration regasses; drum bearings, seals and tanks; Our Repair Guarantee also does not apply where a problem arises as a result of: (a) fair wear and tear, improper use, neglect, accident, or other failure on your part to operate and properly maintain the appliance; (b) any repairs or alterations to the appliance carried out by you or another third party; (c) use of the appliance otherwise than in accordance with the user instructions; or (d) fuses requiring replacement (except where they are damaged due to our negligence). In order to claim our Repair Guarantee, the repairing engineer must have the opportunity to inspect the appliance and if needed, rectify the issue. Where a third party or independent engineer has attended, we reserve the right to revoke the Repair Guarantee. If we have been at fault, Kagersoft LTD will not reimburse any third party service fees nor refund for any previous repair charges if we have not had the opportunity to inspect the appliance before the intervention of a third party.
Refrigeration re-gassing Our Repair Guarantee does not apply to any repair on a refrigeration product where a system re-gas has been carried out. As refrigerant is a liquid / gas and not a physical product and most of the pipework that carries refrigerant will be inbuilt in to the product lining which will be inaccessible, it will be impossible for our engineers to fully inspect all the pipework and joints. The engineer will in the first instance: attach a line tap and evacuate any refrigerant left in the system; and then attach a vacuum pump and carry out a full, 20 minute vacuum then a 2 minute leak test. If the system passes the vacuum test, we reasonably assume that the system should be sound and that a re-gas should be successful. You will then be offered the re-gas and be fully advised by us about the extra cost involved in performing the re-gas and notified that our Repair Guarantee will not apply to the re-gas. You are then free to decide whether to proceed or not. If you decide to proceed, then we will note the job internally and record that you have been made aware our Repair Guarantee will not apply to the re-gas. The Engineer will then carry out the re-gas. If your system fails the initial vacuum test, we will not offer the re-gas and instead, after testing all visible pipework and joints of leaks, advise you that the appliance is unrepairable.
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